Canaan Alpha - The Complete Range For Your Pets

At Canaan, we believe your pet is part of your family, which is why the Canaan ANI range offers exceptional health care and grooming products for your pets.

Our pet care products are specially
formulated to meet the everyday needs of your pets. These include a wide variety of shampoos, treatment for skin diseases, wounds and training aids to keep your surrounding clean.

Why wait? Get the power of ANI pet care products for the complete health care of your pets!


Fur & Skin Treatment
For dogs and cats. ANIMED prevents loss of fur ,relieves itching and promotes healing of skin diseases. It maintains the skin's natural moisture and removes unpleasant body odour. More

General Hygiene & Cleanliness

For dogs and cats. ANICLEAN transforms dull and dry fur into soft and shiny fur. It removes unpleasant body odour, promotes healthier, cleaner and more manageable fur. More
Anti-Gnawing & Repellent
For dogs and cats. ANIGIENE provides effective training aid. It restrains pets from urinating and defecating at inappropriate areas.

It also help to restrain pets from gnawing on footwear and other furniture. More


Odour Eliminator

ANIFRESH Odour Eliminator removes odour caused by animals effectively. It is biodegradable and non-toxic. It absorbs and neutralizes the odour-producing bacteria. Just spray on any surface wherever urine odour occurs, including: Carpet, Bed & Toilet.
Trusted by Veterinarians
Free from ticks & fleas
Lustrous & healthy fur
Solves skin problem
Prevents gnawing
Neutralises odour


Ticks & Fleas Control Set Anicide
ANICIDE anti-tick & flea shampoo kills ticks & fleas effectively while bathing your pets for round the clock protection. More
Wounds Treatment Anirid
ANIRID aerosol is easy to use! Just spray onto the affected areas. Fast and effective healing of maggot wounds caused by screw-worm flies. More
Wounds & Skin Treatment Anifumex
ANISAMEX is an ideal first-aid on wounds to prevent infection. Treatment on animals after castration or after traumatic wounds. More
Anti-Tick & Flea Spray Anistrike
ANISTRIKE breaks the tick life-cycle effectively! Prevents tick problem from recurring More